Sarah Lindley.

A young gal with an old soul, a full-time job, part time gig, who amid it all finds the time to source unique treasures either found, collected, or unwanted “stuff”. Re-purposed, rethought, redesigned.

Raised on the shores of Outer Banks, NC, and in a family business, Sarah learned at a very young age the core values of running a company. She furthered her career by attending the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, obtaining a degree in entrepreneurship. With a passion to bring her business background into the design and art world.

Sarah works full-time for an interior design firm that recently expanded their brand into retail. In which she managed, organized, and created along side with the owner the overall aesthetic & business plan for the store. Part-time she works with other businesses to help envision and build their websites while honing in on the brand & bringing it into a contemporary platform.

When her right side of the brain is at bay her left side comes out to play! An artist at heart, her creativity ranges in many art forms. A modest start, driftwood wall hangings and signs from the shores of ocean to the rustic metals found on the streets. In constant environments supplies like linens, fabrics, and raw materials were tossed... “Come save me!” … like a damzel in distress, adrift…an opportunity to make something(s) out of the overlooked.

Sarah’s collection ranges from photography, clutches, jewelry, wall hangings, paintings, and many forms of art & fashion.

If you’d like to see more of Sarah’s work please check out her Instagram account and Facebook page…where you can discover more of the uncommon beauty adrift.

The meaning behind Damzel Adrift & it's Logo.

Damzel Adrift is a representation of a woman's state of freely being herself. A young woman not being tamed or steered in a direction of what society thinks she should be or need. A damsel is defined as a young, unmarried woman & hugely recognized as being in distressed. I wanted to change that representation, the modern day Damzel for me isn't in distressed but adrift. Not feeling the need to be rescued or saved, but floating along the way she feels is right with herself and the direction she wants to go.

The meaning behind the logo: It is symbolized by a shark tooth which represents protection & a wave which to me represents life & its uncertainty. An ever shifting state of being. It's ebbs and flows in different ways and it can be powerful yet calm. Isn't that how life just is sometimes; filled with constant movement & feelings. Together it encompass the infinite possibilities of the life you can create and the many different directions you will take to get there.


Please email if your interested in collaborating, products, and for custom orders.