Hidden behind the tree,

imbedded in flowers,

stands its mandibular jaw.

Feeding on seedlings,

from year's past.

Bare and stiff, it displaces,

another’s life from existence.

Corrosion sets in.

The wheel’s deteriorating-

sinking into the ground,

support no longer in its legs,

It begins to decay and speckle all over,

Like an old cardinal bird,

red and weathered down.

Impounded by depression,

it perches its disfigured wings,

waiting for lucent lighting to show.

As the rain pours in,

its unaware,

that seeds of the past,

were still enclosed.

Bit by bit, it becomes unclouded,

their roots slowly begin to grow.

A foundation,

 waiting to show,

the beautiful flower,


from hope.

-Sarah Lindley Geer

Copyright 2014. All rights reserved